Let the training begin!

I have officially started my training! I’ve been doing a lot of research and making sure that I’m ready to go to start my mileage. I adapted quite a few different marathon training programs and created my training schedule!

Chicago Marathon Training Schedule3

I have given myself about 6 weeks longer than a lot of marathon schedules I found recommend. This is for a few reasons:

  1. This is not the first race that I’ve started training for…in fact, I have started training for 2 different half marathons in the past. During my training schedule, mile 9 was the kicker in both instances where I got injured. The first time was my hip, the second and most recent time (in January) was my left knee. Both times, I never made it to race day. Talk about frustrating. I learned quite a few things in both instances. Third time is a charm!
  2. Since my recent injury with my knee 5 months ago, I have been slowly easing myself back into mileage. I did two things to nurse it back to health: got new shoes and took two months off! It’s feeling 100% better, but there is no doubt I’m nervous about week 7 when I run 9 miles again! So, since I’ve already been running, I decided to make my initial mileage really low for the first few weeks for the plain old reason of just getting back into a schedule.

brooks ravenna 4 shoes

I’m officially a Brooks girl now! I love my recent Brooks Ravenna 4 purchase…like running on air!

Yesterday was my 2 mile day. It’s been so beautiful outside lately, and that makes running a million times more fun! Day one went great!

amanda 5-4-13

Looking ridiculously colorful during a run last weekend!


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