I remember one of my first high school cross country practices when I heard my coach say “fartlek” for the first time. The snicker that comes after saying that word does not go away, even when you are 25!

Yesterday after work, I went to the track at the local junior high school to run a 20 minute fartlek. I love running on tracks- they always make me feel faster for some reason! Plus, an added bonus was some cushioning for my joints for the day! I ran at  70-80% for 4 minutes, and then a 20-30% for 1 minute, and did this four times. I really wanted to incorporate some speed workouts into my marathon training, and fartleks will help me with speed and pacing myself throughout the workout. I felt great, but I definitely will need to work on pacing.

Lookin' sweaty after my fartlek!

Lookin’ sweaty after my fartlek!

In other news, yesterday I officially signed up for DetermiNation! You can view my pesonal page here to donate! What’s great about running with DetermiNation is that participants are offered in-person training if you live in the metropolitan area of the race location, or virtual training if you don’t live close by. Once I raise $250, I am eligible to start virtual training after June 1. I think it will be great to get a trainer’s advice throughout the course of my training!

After my workout, Dan and I decided to go for a short hike on the trails nearby. It was a beautiful evening! I love when the temperature is still above 80 degrees when the sun is almost setting. That means summer is finally here!

The water on the lake was calm and beautiful last night. It was a great night for a hike!

The water on the lake was calm and beautiful last night. It was a great night for a hike!

Today is a rest day, and I will be helping Dan pack as he gets ready to move back to Wisconsin for his new job. Two weeks went by too fast! It’s not going to be fun to be apart again, but hopefully it won’t be for too long. I have a lot to keep me busy right now, so I’m hoping that life will distract me in his absence!


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