Rainy Morning Run

Typically, I prefer to run in the evenings. I am not a morning person by any means so to get me out of bed and running before my day starts is a rare occurrence! Today, though, my three miles needed to happen before work since we are leaving right away to head to Wisconsin for the weekend! Dan is moving back to start his new job on Monday, and I am going to my friend Maddie’s bachelorette party!

I was surprised to get out of bed this morning and see rain! It has been so beautiful out lately that I guess I wasn’t expecting anything different for my morning run. Luckily, it tapered off by the time I got going. I felt a little tight this morning so my three miles went a little more slowly than normal, but afterwards I felt a lot better.

Since yesterday was one of our last days of living under the same roof for a while, Dan and I decided it was an occasion worthy of a date night. We went out for dinner at one of our favorite local places for all-you-can-eat barbecue chicken. Since the restaurant is located right in the middle of a state park, there are always some good photo opportunities! IMG_20130517_101701Afterwards, we were craving some dessert, so we headed to our favorite fro-yo shop!


I was pleasantly full by the time we got home to finish up packing up the cars!


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