Wow, I have a lot to update! Remember on Sunday when I had a rough run? Well, there are bad runs, and there are great runs, and this week has been full of great runs! On Wednesday, I had to run my 3 miles in the morning again before work since my co-workers and I were leaving for training in Chicago overnight. I use the Nike+ Running app on my phone, and when a run ends, you can choose to log where you ran, the shoes you wore, and how you felt. I was able to choose “I felt unstoppable!” to describe how my run felt! It’s not always that I feel amazing after a run, so I was really excited that I was able to log “unstoppable” to describe it!


My co-workers and I made our way to Chicago on Wednesday for training for our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. The Strides season is coming up quickly, and after our Relay For Life events end, we need to be updated on all the new information about the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer walk. Wednesday was a very special day for the American Cancer Society, because it was our organization’s 100th birthday! (You may have seen commercials that have been on TV lately about how ACS is finishing the fight.) In honor of our birthday, businesses in many different cities, including Chicago, showed their support by lighting their buildings in red, white and blue on Wednesday night. We were excited to be in Chicago to see some of these buildings! We had a lot of fun with the photo opportunities. 🙂


Early on Thursday morning, I did cross-training on the elliptical at the hotel for 30 minutes before our training began. I am not too fond of ellipticals and I always feel like I want to “run” out of them. I just can’t get used to them as much as I try. Next time cross-training comes up on my training schedule, I think I will try a different exercise. Any suggestions are appreciated!

We got home very late on Thursday eventing, so when I woke up on Friday morning, I was feeling groggy decided not to try to continue my morning run streak. Instead, I spent the day rehydrating and gathering up some more energy. I was still feeling sluggish after work, but I knew that I would feel a ton better during my run. I was right! I was able to choose “unstoppable” again! It was the perfect temperature outside, and I love running in the evening right before the sun sets. I have been really working on pacing, and I was able to stay right around the 9:00-9:15 mark the whole 3 miles.

Today is a rest day to prepare for my 5 mile long run tomorrow. I’m excited and looking forward to it! It has been so beautiful today, and since I had to rest from running, I went for a nice long hike with my camera. Here are some favorites:



My dad is headed down tomorrow from Wisconsin to spend Memorial Day with me! Have a great Saturday and Sunday!


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