“Just keep running!”

Great news!

Today I saw a doctor who specializes in sports medicine to talk to her about my issues with the inside of my left knee. I tried to think positively, but as I sat in the waiting room, I only could imagine her telling me that I had to stop running.

When I got into the examination room, I told the doctor about my plans to run the Chicago Marathon. I also told her how important it was to me and how I was raising money for a great cause. We talked about my training schedule and my plans for the next 4 months. After that she did all kinds of tests…which was difficult since my knee didn’t actually hurt while I was there since it really only bothers me after running for a while.

Apparently, that was the good news! Basically, the muscles on the outside of my leg are stronger than the muscles on the inside of my leg, which is pulling my patella to one side when I run. That’s where the pain comes in, obviously! Nothing is torn and while I was thinking the worst and diagnosing myself with WebMD (i.e. “I’m sure my meniscus is torn in half”) it really has to do with muscle imbalance. My doctor set me up to do some physical therepy to help me learn some exercises to strengthen my muscles and balance everything out. Why didn’t I go sooner!? Lessen learned!

At the end of the appointment, my doctor said, “well, just keep running!” Best words I could’ve heard! I am counting my blessings. Today is a short run (only 3 miles) and I am more excited than ever to lace up my shoes!


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