Breakin’ Records!

I have two exciting things to tell you about today!

First of all, today is Dan’s 25th birthday! We spent the day hanging out with Dan’s family by the pool, and of course had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!


Second of all, I ran 11 miles today! I am so excited that I have broken the 9 mile curse! During the week of the Fourth of July, my short runs and speed workout were mediocre, so I wasn’t sure how the long run would go. But on Saturday night, I told Dan, “I’m nervous but I’m definitely ready.” And that was the truth! Overall, it went great! I got up early (for a Sunday morning) and began my run at 6:45am before the heat could set in. I couldn’t help but get a big smile on my face when I looked down at my Nike+ App and see the mileage change to 10! I’m such a nerd, but it was a proud moment. My hard work is paying off!

Have you heard about my toe situation? No? Let me tell you about it…

995913_10100314823014663_71003843_n IMG_0655

Sam, Jason, Aleisha, Dan, and I went to Summerfest in Milwaukee on Friday night to see Nelly! It was awesome, but it was of course so crowded! On the way out of the park at the end of the night, I ran into the back of someone’s shoe and completely hurt my big toenail on my left foot. Ouch! Sorry, Milwaukee County transit system, for potentially bleeding on the bus floor…

Mostly, I was concerned about my upcoming run and how not having a toenail (or a half on, half off toenail, to be honest) would affect my run. Luckily, my trusty Brooks Ravenna 3 shoes have a wide toe box and my toe was left untouched when it got into my shoe. Thank goodess! And I’m sure you are all glad that I told you the story of the toe incident! 🙂

With the 11-miler behind me, I am now looking forward to my Dances with Dirt Half Marathon in Devil’s Lake, WI on Saturday with Maddie! I am getting nervous but I’m really excited! This week, my mileage will be kept pretty low with only two 3 mile runs on Tuesday and Thursday, and one cross-training day in between on Wednesday. So it’s back to Illinois for a few days before coming back to WI again to spend a fun weekend with a bunch of my favorite people!


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