Another wedding weekend in Wisconsin!

This weekend, we celebrated Katie and Pete’s wedding! I had a lot of fun with high school friends that I hadn’t seen in ages. It was so nice to have everyone back together again!

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The weekend was very busy. Dan and I have started the preliminary search for a house (yay!) so we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what we needed to do to get the ball rolling. We have a lot to learn!

As for my runs last week and into the weekend, I must admit that I felt so lazy with it! I finished everything that was on my schedule, but I just couldn’t get in the groove. I think there is just a lot going on lately, so I’ve had my thoughts wrapped around other things…

Anyways, I did my 8 mile long run on Monday instead of Sunday. Sunday was full of house things, and by the time we got back, it was storming outside. So I moved it to Monday instead, which ended up just being a better day to run. I was excited about it and really was craving a good run. Those are the best kinds! My run was HOT but it felt good to get a good sweat in. I took it pretty easy with the heat, so it took me about an hour and 20 minutes.

I have really been trying to find a good hydration system that I like. I recently purchased a 20 ounce hand-held water bottle at REI. After trying on the belts at the store, I decided that I wouldn’t like them and chose a 20 oz. Amphipod Hydroform hand-held one instead. Well, I tried it out on a few runs and ended up not really liking it. I feel like it just gets in the way. Dan got a 50 oz. Camelbak HydroBak for his birthday and I decided to try it out during my 8 miles. I ended up liking it a lot more than the handheld bottle! Now I’m thinking that I will need to invest in one myself.

In other news, we spent some time this weekend finalizing our choices for road bikes! Dan and I have been shopping around for road bikes since last summer and finally decided on the ones we want. We went back this morning to buy Dan’s and I will hopefully buy mine in the near future. I have been telling Dan that I think he would be a great triathlete. He gets bored after running 7 or 8 miles, and he is a great swimmer and loves to bike…I think sprint triathlons are the perfect fit for him! I would love to get into triathlons too, and it would be fun for us to do together.

I’m looking forward to spending the week and coming weekend in Illinois. I have my 14 mile run coming up on Sunday, so it will be nice to focus this week and not worry about packing and driving! 🙂


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